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Memorial Day

by Ron Poness on 05/29/17

Have a great memorial day, but remember what the day stands for  

Semper Fi  

Rocky update

by Ron Poness on 05/19/17

Rockys home, doing well.

Rocky update

by Ron Poness on 05/16/17

Rocky in for surgery I believe today. Send prayers. Will post more as known

"Rocky doing better. That's all I know now. SF Poness"

Fro Ex-Prez Smith

by Ron Poness on 05/15/17

Speeches from our 50th Hillfights Memorial are up on the Battalion website. Go to then click on the library of links and you should be able to find the speeches by Ed Murphy, Doc Lee, and Maj. Charles Chritton. Thanks to Eric Shierman for getting them up. Also check out next reunion page (go back to home on website), nice pictures, but no info yet, probably no info until after first of 2018.

PS Not Our CO

by Ron Poness on 05/15/17

  The Don Myers asking about a Vietnam Marine is not our CO Don Meyers.  


Reunion Info asked to be posted

by Ron Poness on 05/15/17

Speeches from the San Antonio 50th Hillfights Memorial are now up on the Battalion website. Go
to then click on library of links and the speeches by Edward Murphy,
Doc Lee, and Maj. Charles Chritton should be at end of list. Also check out the Next Reunion page
( go back to Home on website to find it), no info but nice pictures - no info until after first of 2018. Thanks
Eric Shierman for getting all on website. Pictures from reunion should be up soon.

M-60 Pin of interest to "guns"

by Ron Poness on 05/13/17

M-60 lapel Pin
Message:At our San Antonio Reunion there was an inquiry as to where my M-60 Lapel Pin came from. For all interested 0331 Marines, at you can purchase this 2 3/8" pin for $3.99.

requesting information.

by Ron Poness on 05/12/17

I am trying to verify the Vietnam service of an individual named Michael Robert Pick who states that he served in Vietnam for several years in the late 1960s as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps attached to Hotel Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. His unit was deployed in Operation Pegasus, Operation Napoleon, Operation Thor, Operation Trusdale, Operations Scotland 1&2, Operation Mutter’s Ridge, Operations Lancaster 1&2, and Operation Dragon of the US pacification program. He is the author of "Childhood Namhood Manhood." Are you familiar with this individual? Thank you, Don Meyers
don.myers@yahoo .com

nothing new

by Ron Poness on 05/11/17

Still waiting for news on Rocky.  Thur AM

No News

by Ron Poness on 05/10/17

  No news on Rocky.

After Action 2017 Reunion From Dave Smith

by Ron Poness on 05/10/17

From Dave Smith:


First, let me say what a privilege and honor it has been to serve as your
 President for the last two
years. I am truly grateful for the trust you placed in me.

Secondly, I would also like to say that you, the members, could not have chosen a finer leadership
team in Art Ward, Alvin Simpson, Art Ferguson, and Ed Krieser.  They will make an outstanding
contribution to the progress we have made in the Association.

Next, I hope the that the members and guests had a great time, I know I did.
 My favorite part, as always, is to welcome new, first time attendees
 and those that have returned after an period of absence. It is
always special to reconnect with brothers from the past.  
 This year we had approximately 20 new or returning members with a 
total membership attendance of almost 90 members and about 170 total
members and guests.

Our guest speaker, SgtMaj H. G. Overstreet was outstanding, a real 
 pleasure to have him and his wife,
Janine, as our guests.  Thank you John Fuller for arranging the SgtMaj's 
appearance. Our auction was a huge success, raising a record amount of
 close to $4,500. Thank you to all the donors and buyers, you
make it happen.

The Memorial for the 50th Anniversary of the Hillfights was outstanding. 
The folks in San Antonio deserve our thanks for arranging it all, seating,
 color guard, pipers, wreaths, reserving the area and the soundsystem - 
although a few problems with that - but we can adaptand overcome. 
 Our speakers for the Memorial, Mr. Ed Murphy, Doc Lee, and Capt.
 Charles Chritton were outstanding.  We shouldhave their speeches
 posted on the Battalion website soon.  
Also, thanks to Fred Hellmann for his 
slideshow of the Hillfights - outstanding.  

Our next reunion will be in Colorado Springs from 26 - 29 September,
 hope all can make it.  It looks like 
a majority of people wanted to do the Royal Gorge Train ride, so we
 will  attempt to arrange that asone of our activities for Thursday or Friday.

A special thank you to Carol Dobler and Christine Wilburn for helping
 with registration and making 
sure all got their shirts and hats, running the auction table, and the 50/50
 drawing, they were awesome.

Thank you to everyone for making San Antonio a great and memorable
 experience, see you in
Colorado Springs in 2018.

Semper Fi, Marines

Dave Smith
Has Been President


by Ron Poness on 05/08/17

Rocky, Lou Rociola in hospital. Not sure of condition . Send prayers. Nothing else known at this time.

Reunion 2017

by Ron Poness on 05/01/17

A great reunion, again. Thanks to all that helped put it together. SF Ronald Poness


by Ron Poness on 04/17/17

Dave Regal posted in 2/3/3 Viet Nam vets.
Dave Regal
April 17 at 6:49am
Received a FB message that Scotty LaMarche (Golf) is sick and may not be in San details as to illness...but his son is concerned clearly....Scotty could use some

hill fighters

by Ron Poness on 04/16/17

Happy Easter to all

by Ron Poness on 04/16/17

Happy Easter to all my brothers and their families. May we all have many more.

 P.S. The Easter Bunny is out of season today
 SF Poness

Hill Figters

by Ron Poness on 04/12/17

Full Room from Al Ross

by Ron Poness on 04/08/17

Alan Ross
April 7 at 6:24pm
Alan Ross
April 7 at 6:24pm
I'd like to get a room full for half an hour (in San Antonio on Fri or Sat evening) while I read from Krulak's book "First to Fight" about his perspective on the Hill Fights and the whole Khe Sanh battle. I wouldn't ask unless it would be well worth it for everyone.

Alamo Walk New info

by Ron Poness on 04/07/17

Good afternoon,


Thank you for signing up for the 2ND Battalion 3RD Marines Reunion’s After Hours Tour of the Alamo. Firstly, the Alamo has changed their policy and will allow for more than 75 people to attend. Thus, we will not have a waitlist for this event and everyone who signed up will be able to attend! 


Secondly, the Alamo has changed their hours of operations resulting in a slight change in the tour itinerary. The tour will still run from 5:30pm – 10:00pm; however, instead of going directly to the Alamo for the tour, the group will now have time for dinner on your own along the San Antonio Riverwalk first, followed by a private tour of the Alamo beginning at 8:15pm. After the tour concludes, the buses will shuttle folks back to the hotel to allow for free time in Alamo Plaza or along the Riverwalk. The last shuttle will return to the hotel at 10:00pm.


From William Paulison

by Ron Poness on 04/07/17

The following comment from E. William Paulson, USMC, retired was submitted to your blog:

"Ron, I've left a message on your message board regarding a medevac mission I flew on 22Oc66 in RVN with 2/3. I think I did it right w/o my Grandchildrens tech assist. I thought it might be be of interest. Our call sign was Powerglide Medevac and your gent was Pygmalion 14. It was a date that will stay with me as I'm sure it will with some of your group. 

Semper FI-Bill Paulson"