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special request hill fight pictures

by Ron Poness on 03/11/17

I received word from Fred Hellman that he would like members
 to find pictures of the Marines that were killed in the Hillfights.  
Fred stated that he was making a collage to memorialize the Hill Fights. 
 If you have any pictures of the men that were
KIA during the hill fights, you can send them to Marine Fred Hellman 
the following address.

Fred Hellman
10468 Desert Trail Dr.
Harrison, OH  45030


I also received a request from Ruth Howe for pictures of the hill fights. 
 She too is creating memories of 
the Hill Fights for our auction.  You can send your pictures to
 Ruth Howe at the following address:

Mrs. Ruth Howe
217 Adams Ave.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221  


I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Reunion in San Antonio.  

Semper Fi

Art (Fergy) Ferguson

trying to add pict

by Ron Poness on 01/20/17


Blog e-mail

by Ron Poness on 01/20/17

  If you wist to enter anything on the blog please send it to:

 Please make note on e-mail you wish it to added to our blow site.

  Thank & SF


by Ron Poness on 01/16/17

  Please check the 2/3 face book page.  It's important.


Happy New Year!

by Ron Poness on 12/30/16

A very Happy New Year to our Marine Family! Celebrate for our being here and for our brothers whom have not celebrated in 50 years. Celebrate for them also. May 2017 be the best year ever.
Semper Fi
Ron Poness

Merry Christmas to all!

by Ron Poness on 12/24/16

Merry Christmas to all friends and brothers living and no longer with us.
Semper Fi

Polo Shirts

by Ron Poness on 12/18/16

From President Dave Smith:    the Polo shirt color is darker than pictured, it is a darker maroon, flash made it look a lot
lighter. Thanks, see you in Texas!

Note on Polo Shirts

by Ron Poness on 12/18/16

From President Dave Smith:

 the Polo shirt color is darker than pictured, it is a darker maroon, flash made it look a lot
lighter. Thanks, see you in Texas!

From President Dave Smith

by Ron Poness on 12/17/16

"To all members - all info for the San Antonio reunion is now posted on the website. Also pictures of this years shirts are up. The polo shirt is actually darker than the picture, it is a dark maroon and the hat will be black. Looking forward to seeing all there, a special reunion with a wreath laying to honor the 50th Anniversary of those lost in the Hillfights. Semper Fi"

From President Dave Smith

by Ron Poness on 12/05/16

I forgot to mention that our guest of honor this year will be the 12th SgtMaj of the Marine Corps, SgtMag H. G. Overstreet. He is one of our era, joining the Marine Corps in 1966, serving in Vietnam in 1966 - 67. Thanks to 1st Sgt. John Fuller for arranging with the SgtMaj to be our guest, they served together on the drill field during their Marine Corps careers. Semper Fi

From the Prez Dave Smith

by Ron Poness on 11/23/16


The hotel info for the 2/3 San Antonio Reunion is available on the 2/3 Association website.
The dates are 26 -29 April 2017. More info should be posted after Thanksgiving (Registration,
tours, agenda, etc.) Hope you all can make it, 50th Anniversary of the Hillfights (881/861).  Let
me know if you have any questions.


Happy Thanksgiving

by Ron Poness on 11/23/16

To All Our Brothers,

  We more than most have much to be thankful for.  Let us all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful for our brothers not present.
 Semper Fi

reunion news

by Ron Poness on 11/16/16

Members of 2/3, Hotel info for San Antonio Reunion 26 Apr -29 Apr 2017 will be posted on 2/3 Vietnam Veterans Association website at the beginning of next week(20 -21 Nov). We are planning a wreath laying ceremony for either the 28th or 29th of Apr but there is a possibility that there may be another ceremony honoring the Hillfights that is separate from our ceremony that may take place on Sunday the 30th of Apr. As soon as we know and have our program in place it will be posted, hopefully within the next 10 days.
It looks like we will have a special guest again this year, thanks to the efforts of Joh Fuller, more on that and the other activities to follow soon. Semper Fi, hope to see everyone in San Antonio.

More on Fergyy

by Ron Poness on 11/13/16

John Fuller9:43am Nov 12 
Had a visit with Fergy yesterday. Even though he was hurting, he hadn't lost his sense of humor. His nurses said he is very "entertaining" to say the least. He has a great group of professional taking care of him.

Fergy sick via Butch

by Ron Poness on 11/12/16

I want to let all you guys know that Art Ferguson Fergy is in the hospital in Icu.with blood cots in his leg we need some prayers here will keep you posted! S/F

Eric help!

by Ron Poness on 11/10/16

How do I change  color of message so it will be able to be read on message board.  SF  Ron

Happy Birthday to all Marines!

by Ron Poness on 11/09/16

Hi everyone. Back online.

by Ron Poness on 10/10/16

Hi Everyone,  I am back on line.   Made it back to Florida and survived the storm.  We are back in business.


Off site

by Ron Poness on 10/01/16

  I will be off site until the middle on next week.  Oct.  6th or so.


Steve Kidd Sad news

by Ron Poness on 09/29/16

From Carl:

For those that know Steve and Mary Kidd, their daughter passed after batteling Cancer for 1 1/2 years, 39 with a 4 year old. They are having a very hard time as those of you that have lost a child understand better than anyone. Funeral is Friday a numer of us midwesterners are attending. Prayers is all they want.