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Can anyone help?

by Ron Poness on 08/24/17

Name:Ashley Benitez Smith
Message:Hello, My name is Ashley Benitez Smith and I am the niece of Cpl. Richard Lee Carlson (Echo Company, 3rd Platoon,). Currently, I am working on a project to digitize my uncle's letters from Vietnam and create a personal history. I was wondering if anyone who served with my uncle had letters to or from him. Also, if they had any letters to or from my grandparents, Charlie and Dorthy Carlson. I was not sure if I could post this on message boards as I am not a member of the association. If some sort of announcement could be made, that would be great. Thank you for your service. Have a good day. Sincerely, Ashley Benitez Smith

New from Fergy BY-laws

by Ron Poness on 08/10/17


While we were in San Antonio, I advised you all of potential problems with the IRS, they sent me a letter telling me
that our non-profit status was being revoked, hell, I never knew that they were going to treat us as a non-profit
corporation in the first place.  There was no paperwork from them after I processed and answered the questions
that they asked me.  That was three years ago and now they are telling me that we are no longer a non-profit
Corporation.  No one that I know of has ever processed the request for non-profit status under IRS Code
Section 501 (c) 3 as they would have to:

1.  File Articles of Incorporation and be Incorporated, to the nearest of my knowledge was never done.  
2.  Our Association By-Laws would have to be filed, I cleaned up our Corporate By-Laws per the minutes
     of our San Antonio reunion.  Changes suggested to our By-Laws by Attorney Russ Mazzola, a member 
     in good standing of our association were approved by our association.
3.  File IRS Form 1023 Application for non-profit status.  An approximately 20 page application form.  To the
     nearest of my knowledge, none was ever filed.    

I completed three years of Corporate Income Tax's for them as they requested in their letter that they
had sent me.  For Fiscal Year Ended (Fye) 9/30/2014, the tax was $552; For Fye 9/30/2015 it was $83 and
for Fiscal Year Ended 9/30/2016 we had a slight Net Operating Loss ($270) that I elected to carry forward to
9/30/2017.  The IRS has since cashed both checks. 

The next step is to Incorporate our association.  Lt. Russ Mazzola has generously stated that he would
draft the Articles for free.  The only problem that we have with that is that I believe we need to Incorporate
in Arizona as that is where the books of record are located.  I have an Attorney friend here that I believe
could assist us in getting the Incorporation completed in Arizona.  Once that is completed, I can file form
1023 requesting non-profit status.  

If you are asking yourself, what is the benefit.  First we will be operating legally for the first time, the
IRS requires it.  Second, we will have the benefit of deducting contributions that are being given in cash, 
or the items donated at the auction, lower of cost or market value of the item. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my home phone - 623-780-1819.

Semper Fi


Final By-laws revision

by Ron Poness on 07/29/17


First established on August 5, 2005 Amended April 29, 2017




1.) The official name of this group shall be:
"The 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment Vietnam Veterans Association" (hereinafter "Association")



1.) The Association shall be operated for the following purposes:

a.) To develop, foster and perpetuate the ideals, comradeship, and professional standards of those who served during the Vietnam War in the following Companies of 2nd Bn, 3rd Marines (2/3), Headquarters and Services (H&S), Echo (E) , Fox (F) ,Golf (G), Hotel (H), and attached or support units.

  1. b.)  To promote good fellowship among its members and to remember those members who have gone before us.

  2. c.)  To maintain an official Association website.



1.) Regular Member: person, living or deceased, who was assigned, attached to or in support of 2/3 while serving in the Country of Vietnam. The Officers of the Association shall determine the units who served or were attached to 2/3.

2,) Associate Member: Immediate family member of a regular member.

3.) A Regular Member, including an Officer, may be expelled or suspended for improper conduct by two-thirds vote of the Association officers present at any meeting of the 2/3 Association. This can be done only after reasonable opportunity to be heard shall be given the member to be dealt with.




1.) Regular Members shall pay annual dues, the amount of which will be prescribed during the annual business meeting. Paid member will be active from the last day of the current reunion to the last day of the next reunion.



  1. 1.)  The affairs and business of this Association shall be managed by the Officers consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Representatives from the Companies of 2/3 and the Support/Attached Units. All elected Officers of this Association are entitled to vote with the General Membership with

    one exception--the President may vote only in the event of a tie.

  2. 2.)  Additional positions that may be required would be a Web Director, Editor of Newsletter, Historian, Sergeant at Arms and Chaplain; any positions created, other then those stated in the first paragraph of this article, will not be considered as Officers. Association Members may be appointed or voted into any additional positions, other than Sergeant at Arms and Chaplain, but do not have voting rights.

  3. 3.)  Election of Officers: The following Officers will be elected by the Regular Membership at the annual business meeting: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These Officers will assume their duties immediately after the Membership Meeting. These Representatives will assume their duties immediately upon being elected.

  4. 4.)  All newly elected officers will meet with any outgoing officer for an easy transition of power before the end of the Reunion.

  5. 5.)  Vacancies
    A.) In case of death or resignation of the President, the Vice-President

    shall succeed to the President's unexpired term of office, subject to the same responsibilities given to or imposed upon the President. The President pro-tem will then appoint a Vice-President to his unexpired term of office. In case of death or resignation of the other officers, the President will appoint a successor until the next meeting of the members. In the case of Company and Support Unit Representatives, the units will vote for a replacement.


1.) PRESIDENT (Non-Voting)


A.) The President shall preside at all Association meetings to ensure that they are properly conducted, shall be an impartial and conscientious arbiter of discussions and debates, insist on fairness in the actions and discussions of the members and assure that members are encouraged to join and maintain membership.

  1. Authorize the Association Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer to issue checks for Association debts if such debts are warranted.

  2. The President appoints Committee Chairpersons on a voluntary basis, keeps in contact with other officers of the Association and votes ONLY to break a tie.

  3. The President shall serve no more than (2) two consecutive (1) one year terms before having to step down for a minimum of (1) one year prior to seeking the office of President again.

  1. 2.)  VICE-PRESIDENT (Voting)

    1. A.)  Presides at meetings in the absence of the President and performs duties assigned to him by the Association.

    2. B.)  In the event of the President's inability to act to perform the duties of the President.

    3. C.)  Keeps a copy of current members.

    4. D.)  Assists President with encouraging new members.

    5. E.)  Other duties as assigned.


    1. A.)  Keeps accurate records of all Association meetings

    2. B.)  Gives a report at the Annual Business Meeting of all recordings.

    3. C.)  Posts the minutes of all meetings on the web-site as soon after said meeting occurred.

    4. D.)  Maintains all records for past (10) years.

    5. E.)  Maintains By-Laws and changes thereto.

    6. F.)  Receives and files monthly bank statement (copies) from the Treasurer.


  1. G.)  Forwards copies of By-Law changes and meeting minutes to the Website Director for posting on the Website.

  2. H.)  Will not allow membership information distributed for any business purpose.


  1. A.)  Issue checks under his signature as authorized by the President or in the event of the President's inability to act then under the signature of the Vice-President for Association debts.

  2. B.)  Keeps accurate records of all financial dealings that concern the Association.

  3. C.)  Gives an annual report to the membership at the Annual Meeting. This report will be in printed form and will be distributed to the Officers and Company Representatives at the Officers Meeting.

  4. D.)  Receives and holds all monies pertaining to the Office of the Treasurer from the Association.

  5. E.)  Reviews and signs all contracts for the Association.

  6. F.)  Collects and holds all membership annual dues of the Association.

  7. G.)  As dues are paid, Treasurer will notify appropriate Company Representative.

  8. H.)  Works in conjunction with the Host Reunion Coordinator regarding expenses and contracts. All expenses for Reunions shall be submitted for review by the Treasurer before any monies can be expended.

  9. I.)  Keeps accurate account of all monies of the Association, maintains the Financial Records in a neat and efficient manner. Provides a Xerox copy of bank statements to the Secretary of the Association as
    a matter of record.

  10. J.)  Makes available at the Officers Meeting the Association's Financial Records for audit prior to each years Membership Meeting.

  11. K.)  Presents the Financial Report for acceptance at the Annual Membership Meeting of the Association.

  12. L.)  Maintains communication with the Individual Company Representatives regarding any changes to information regarding their Individual Company Members.

  13. M.)  Maintains the Official 2/3 Roster, in Excel Software format, providing copies of the 2/3 Roster to Officers and Company Representatives on an as-needed basis.


  1. N.)  Maintains communication with the Webmaster to process e-mail address changes on the Website.

  2. O.)  This position manages the "Archive Listing" . This list contains names and contact information for persons who are not active paid members. The persons on the Archive Listing do not receive copies of the 2/3 Newsletter. The Archive Listing will only be utilized if someone is looking for contact information on a non-member.

  1. 5.)  Company and Support Unit Representatives (Voting)

    1. A.)  Shall represent their respected units as members of the Association.

    2. B.)  Will bring to the attention of the Board and the general membership all concerns of their individual units.

    3. C.)  Must be on the internet in order to better serve the members of their Company.

    4. D.)  Must keep in touch with the members of their companies, both those on the internet and by mail, those who are not on the internet, as to important issues regarding the Association.

    5. E.)  It is understood that Company Representatives will bear the cost of any mailings, phone calls, etc., as they serve the members of their Companies.

  2. 6.)  Additional Non-Voting Position Duties.

    1. A.)  Sergeant-At-Arms

      1. 1.)  Will maintain order at meetings assuring that no extraneous talking or activity that is disruptive to meeting.

      2. 2.)  May, by initiative or direction, be required to caution and/or remove any disruptive person(s) during the course of said meeting.

    2. B.)  Chaplain

      1. 1.)  Serves as the Association Spiritual Leader.

      2. 2.)  Notifies the Webmaster of items to be placed on the Bereavement Page of the Website.

      3. 3.)  Sends Sympathy cards to the family of any current paid member who passes away.

    3. C.)  Web-Director

1.) Creates, maintains and up-dates the Association's Website and Message Board.


  1. 2.)  Receives and processes updates from individual members, officers and company representatives in a timely manner.

  2. 3.)  This position manages the "Archive Listing". This list contains names and contact information for persons who are not active paid members. The persons on the Archive Listing do not receive copies of the
    2/3 Newsletter. The Archive Listing will only be utilized if someone

    is looking for contact information on a non-member.

  1. D.)  Newsletter Editor

    1. 1.)  Prepares and gathers information to produce an Association Newsletter.

    2. 2.)  Newsletter is mailed to members on the Association's paid member roster.

    3. 3.)  All expenses relating to production and distribution must be pre-approved by the Treasurer.

    4. 4.)  The Newsletter will be published on the Association's website as copyright laws permit.

  2. E.)  Past President

1.) Past Presidents serve as non-voting members of the Officers and Company Representatives Board.

  1. F.)  Assistant Webmaster

  2. G.)  Assistant Treasurer

Article VII


  1. 1.)  Membership Meeting: The annual Membership meeting of the Officers and Members shall be held during the Associations reunion at a date and time directed by the President after consultation with the reunion coordinator.

  2. 2.)  2/3 Officers Meeting: The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and all Company/Support Unit Representatives shall meet at least 24 hours prior to the Membership Meeting. Items covered will be Treasurer audit, minutes from previous business meeting, and to set agenda for that year's Membership meeting.

  3. 3.)  Special Meetings: Special meetings of the members may be called at any time by the President with the consent of a majority of the Officers. The President of the Association shall also call for a special meeting of members whenever so requested by ten (10%) percent of the members entitled to vote. Notice of such meeting, stating the purpose for which it is called, shall be served by mail to each member entitled to vote, not less than fourteen (14) days before the date set for such meeting. Business other than specified in the call may be introduced, but only after the specified business has been completed. Any


other business to be presented must be put in writing and given to the President and/or Officer-In-Charge before said meeting is called to order. This requirement may be waived by the President and/or Officer-In-Charge.
Voting: At all meetings of the members, all questions shall be determined by a majority vote of those present only and not by proxy. All votes shall be given by voice; except on order of the President a vote by show of hands or by ballot may be used. Only Regular Members are allowed voice and/or vote at any meetings. The President may allow an Associate or Honorary Member voice if two-thirds (2/3) of the Officers agree.

Article VIII

  1. 1.)  The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Parliamentary Procedure are hereby adopted and made part of these by-laws.

  2. 2.)  The President may, by a vote of the membership, suspend these rules for a duration or all of any meeting.

  3. 3.)  The following order shall be used in conducting a called meeting of this Association

    1. A.)  Call to Order

    2. B.)  Pledge to Flag

    3. C.)  Opening Prayer

    4. D.)  Moment of silence for all POW/MIA's from all conflicts

    5. E.)  Roll Call of Officers

    6. F.)  Officers' Reports (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Company Reps. )

    7. G.)  Minutes from Last Meeting

    8. H.)  Old Business

    9. I.)  New Business

    10. J.)  Nomination of New Officers

    11. K.)  Election

    12. L.)  Presentations for Future Reunion sites

    13. M.)  Vote for Reunion Site

    14. N.)  Close of Meeting


Article IX


1.) The Association authorizes the issuance of two (2) Association credit cards for
use exclusively for the affairs of the Association. One card each shall be held for use by the Association President and the other card by the Association Treasurer. The issuing financial institution of the card shall be as determined by a majority of the officers so-entitled to vote. Credit card indebtedness shall be timely paid

as set forth under the above-assigned duties.

Article X


1.) These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Regular Members at the Annual Membership Meeting provided that the proposed Amendment had been submitted, in writing to the Members, fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual Membership Meeting. Upon consideration of the proposed amendment to the By-Laws, it shall be offered and voted on during the Annual Membership Meeting. Passage of the proposed Amendment(s) shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at the Annual Membership Meeting.


Changes needed from Fergy!

by Ron Poness on 07/20/17

Marines, we have a lot of catching up to do.  

First, we need to update our By-Laws per changes during the San Antonio Reunion.  I will be willing to re-do
our By-Laws unless someone else would like to do it.  This needs to be done to facilitate the process of 
getting to our non-profit status.  

Second, I have completed and filed 1120 Corporate Income Tax's for 9/30/2014; 9/30/2015 and 9/30/2016.  
9/30/2014 cost us $551 and 9/30/2015 cost us $83, we had a net operating loss for 9/30/2016 and I have
elected to carryforward the small loss to 9/30/2017.  

Third, We need to update our Officers section in the History area of our web-site for current years officers.

Fourth, we need to get our annual newsletter out to our members, I will need to have word documents that I
can merge together from Art Ward, Al Simpson and Ed Kreiser.  You can refer to last years Newsletter
for examples of how it was done.  

No rest for the wicked !!!!

Semper Fi


Fro Ex-Prez Smith

by Ron Poness on 05/15/17

Speeches from our 50th Hillfights Memorial are up on the Battalion website. Go to then click on the library of links and you should be able to find the speeches by Ed Murphy, Doc Lee, and Maj. Charles Chritton. Thanks to Eric Shierman for getting them up. Also check out next reunion page (go back to home on website), nice pictures, but no info yet, probably no info until after first of 2018.

Reunion Info asked to be posted

by Ron Poness on 05/15/17

Speeches from the San Antonio 50th Hillfights Memorial are now up on the Battalion website. Go
to then click on library of links and the speeches by Edward Murphy,
Doc Lee, and Maj. Charles Chritton should be at end of list. Also check out the Next Reunion page
( go back to Home on website to find it), no info but nice pictures - no info until after first of 2018. Thanks
Eric Shierman for getting all on website. Pictures from reunion should be up soon.

M-60 Pin of interest to "guns"

by Ron Poness on 05/13/17

M-60 lapel Pin
Message:At our San Antonio Reunion there was an inquiry as to where my M-60 Lapel Pin came from. For all interested 0331 Marines, at you can purchase this 2 3/8" pin for $3.99.

After Action 2017 Reunion From Dave Smith

by Ron Poness on 05/10/17

From Dave Smith:


First, let me say what a privilege and honor it has been to serve as your
 President for the last two
years. I am truly grateful for the trust you placed in me.

Secondly, I would also like to say that you, the members, could not have chosen a finer leadership
team in Art Ward, Alvin Simpson, Art Ferguson, and Ed Krieser.  They will make an outstanding
contribution to the progress we have made in the Association.

Next, I hope the that the members and guests had a great time, I know I did.
 My favorite part, as always, is to welcome new, first time attendees
 and those that have returned after an period of absence. It is
always special to reconnect with brothers from the past.  
 This year we had approximately 20 new or returning members with a 
total membership attendance of almost 90 members and about 170 total
members and guests.

Our guest speaker, SgtMaj H. G. Overstreet was outstanding, a real 
 pleasure to have him and his wife,
Janine, as our guests.  Thank you John Fuller for arranging the SgtMaj's 
appearance. Our auction was a huge success, raising a record amount of
 close to $4,500. Thank you to all the donors and buyers, you
make it happen.

The Memorial for the 50th Anniversary of the Hillfights was outstanding. 
The folks in San Antonio deserve our thanks for arranging it all, seating,
 color guard, pipers, wreaths, reserving the area and the soundsystem - 
although a few problems with that - but we can adaptand overcome. 
 Our speakers for the Memorial, Mr. Ed Murphy, Doc Lee, and Capt.
 Charles Chritton were outstanding.  We shouldhave their speeches
 posted on the Battalion website soon.  
Also, thanks to Fred Hellmann for his 
slideshow of the Hillfights - outstanding.  

Our next reunion will be in Colorado Springs from 26 - 29 September,
 hope all can make it.  It looks like 
a majority of people wanted to do the Royal Gorge Train ride, so we
 will  attempt to arrange that asone of our activities for Thursday or Friday.

A special thank you to Carol Dobler and Christine Wilburn for helping
 with registration and making 
sure all got their shirts and hats, running the auction table, and the 50/50
 drawing, they were awesome.

Thank you to everyone for making San Antonio a great and memorable
 experience, see you in
Colorado Springs in 2018.

Semper Fi, Marines

Dave Smith
Has Been President

From William Paulison

by Ron Poness on 04/07/17

The following comment from E. William Paulson, USMC, retired was submitted to your blog:

"Ron, I've left a message on your message board regarding a medevac mission I flew on 22Oc66 in RVN with 2/3. I think I did it right w/o my Grandchildrens tech assist. I thought it might be be of interest. Our call sign was Powerglide Medevac and your gent was Pygmalion 14. It was a date that will stay with me as I'm sure it will with some of your group. 

Semper FI-Bill Paulson"

Help needed from Fergy

by Ron Poness on 04/03/17


I have a special request from SgtMaj. Elliott, for a size 44 dress Blue jacket.  If anyone of you know how he can get one please give him a call or e-mail him
with the following information.  

Phone No:  618-392-0415

Semper Fi

Art (Fergy) Ferguson

special request hill fight pictures

by Ron Poness on 03/11/17

I received word from Fred Hellman that he would like members
 to find pictures of the Marines that were killed in the Hillfights.  
Fred stated that he was making a collage to memorialize the Hill Fights. 
 If you have any pictures of the men that were
KIA during the hill fights, you can send them to Marine Fred Hellman 
the following address.

Fred Hellman
10468 Desert Trail Dr.
Harrison, OH  45030


I also received a request from Ruth Howe for pictures of the hill fights. 
 She too is creating memories of 
the Hill Fights for our auction.  You can send your pictures to
 Ruth Howe at the following address:

Mrs. Ruth Howe
217 Adams Ave.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221  


I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Reunion in San Antonio.  

Semper Fi

Art (Fergy) Ferguson

trying to add pict

by Ron Poness on 01/20/17


Blog e-mail

by Ron Poness on 01/20/17

  If you wist to enter anything on the blog please send it to:

 Please make note on e-mail you wish it to added to our blow site.

  Thank & SF


by Ron Poness on 01/16/17

  Please check the 2/3 face book page.  It's important.


Happy New Year!

by Ron Poness on 12/30/16

A very Happy New Year to our Marine Family! Celebrate for our being here and for our brothers whom have not celebrated in 50 years. Celebrate for them also. May 2017 be the best year ever.
Semper Fi
Ron Poness

Merry Christmas to all!

by Ron Poness on 12/24/16

Merry Christmas to all friends and brothers living and no longer with us.
Semper Fi

Polo Shirts

by Ron Poness on 12/18/16

From President Dave Smith:    the Polo shirt color is darker than pictured, it is a darker maroon, flash made it look a lot
lighter. Thanks, see you in Texas!

Note on Polo Shirts

by Ron Poness on 12/18/16

From President Dave Smith:

 the Polo shirt color is darker than pictured, it is a darker maroon, flash made it look a lot
lighter. Thanks, see you in Texas!

From President Dave Smith

by Ron Poness on 12/17/16

"To all members - all info for the San Antonio reunion is now posted on the website. Also pictures of this years shirts are up. The polo shirt is actually darker than the picture, it is a dark maroon and the hat will be black. Looking forward to seeing all there, a special reunion with a wreath laying to honor the 50th Anniversary of those lost in the Hillfights. Semper Fi"

From President Dave Smith

by Ron Poness on 12/05/16

I forgot to mention that our guest of honor this year will be the 12th SgtMaj of the Marine Corps, SgtMag H. G. Overstreet. He is one of our era, joining the Marine Corps in 1966, serving in Vietnam in 1966 - 67. Thanks to 1st Sgt. John Fuller for arranging with the SgtMaj to be our guest, they served together on the drill field during their Marine Corps careers. Semper Fi