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special request hill fight pictures

by Ron Poness on 03/11/17

I received word from Fred Hellman that he would like members
 to find pictures of the Marines that were killed in the Hillfights.  
Fred stated that he was making a collage to memorialize the Hill Fights. 
 If you have any pictures of the men that were
KIA during the hill fights, you can send them to Marine Fred Hellman 
the following address.

Fred Hellman
10468 Desert Trail Dr.
Harrison, OH  45030

E-Mail:  fhman6jl@fuse.net

I also received a request from Ruth Howe for pictures of the hill fights. 
 She too is creating memories of 
the Hill Fights for our auction.  You can send your pictures to
 Ruth Howe at the following address:

Mrs. Ruth Howe
217 Adams Ave.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44221  

E-Mail:  rmh3051@att.net

I am looking forward to seeing you all at our Reunion in San Antonio.  

Semper Fi

Art (Fergy) Ferguson

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